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5 Reasons To Trust A Professional With Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Restoration in COnyers, AG

When it  comes to damage in our residential or commercial property, it is a natural reaction to want to fix it ourselves. Sometimes, though, that can actually cause more harm than good, like in a situation involving water damage. You may think it is as simple as removing the water, drying out the moisture, and cleaning the space, but the truth of the matter is that water damage that was not handled properly can cause serious damage later down the road. The best way to avoid such a headache is to trust water damage restoration to a team of professionals, like our crew at Urgent Restoration. Here are some things you may want to consider before trying to take on the task of water damage repair on your own.


Mold can begin to form just 24 hours after a space has been exposed to water damage. If there is any trace of water or moisture left behind then it is highly likely that mold will appear within your home. When you decide to DIY a water damage repair job it may look as though all of the water has been removed from your home or business. Unfortunately relying on your senses may not always be enough when it comes to water damage. The water damage experts in the field use sensors, monitors, and other technology to ensure that there is no moisture left behind to cause issues at a later date.

Structural Damage

Here is another way that residual moisture can cause major issues. Any moisture that is left behind in the building materials of your home or business can eat away at them and cause all sorts of problems. Drywall can become warped, floorboards can swell, it can even lead to a crack in your foundation. These are results that no one should be left with after experiencing water damage, so it is crucial to involve a team of experienced water damage professionals to make sure you are not left at risk when the job is done.

Contaminated Water

Water can easily be contaminated by chemicals, pollutants, bacteria, and even bloodborne pathogens and other contaminants from raw sewage.Unfortunately when water comes into our home it is impossible to know what it has come into contact with and what it may be carrying. For this reason it is always super important to wear protective gear and take precautionary measures which experts in the field are trained for. It is also important to have the area sanitized and avoid cross contamination to not leave any potential threats on surfaces and belongings in your house. For this reason it is highly recommended to allow experts to deal with the water damage in your residential or commercial property.

Electricity Complications

It doesn’t take an expert to know that water and electricity don’t mix! Water damage can penetrate your walls and come into contact with the wiring in your home or businesses. It can also affect your electrical appliances that may have been exposed to the water damage. This can cause electrical shock or even electrical fires if not handled with the proper care and experience that trained professionals can provide you with.

Teamwork And Expertise

Lastly, it is important to remember that more hands make less work! Water damage repair is a huge, stressful task. After experiencing a situation that exposed you to water damage it can feel overwhelming to even think about making the repairs on your own. At Urgent Restoration we know that this is too big of a job to complete without a team or professionals who are trained and experienced to get the job done quicker and more efficiently than a family or crew who needs to learn along the way.

We understand that dealing with water damage repair is very stressful, that is why our team at Urgent Restoration hopes to be there for you in your time of need. If you have experienced water damage and are in need of water damage repair, contact us right away.