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How to Detect a Hidden Water Leak

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One out of 10 homes in America has a water leak that wastes at least 90 gallons of water every day. Your home could be one of them. In fact, the EPA states that household leaks in the US account for 1 trillion gallons of wasted water per year. That equals the total annual water usage of nearly 11 million American homes.

While a burst pipe is an unmistakable problem, a hidden water leak is often far more serious. These sneaky leaks are often undetected until they cause a secondary problem. When you have a pipe or appliance pouring water into your home, you act fast to stop it and clean it up.  However, since smaller leaks are frequently missed they end up causing far more water damage. For that reason, it’s crucial to recognize the signs of a hidden water leak so that you can address it in a timely manner.

Who Can Help Detect a Hidden Water Leak

Urgent Restoration and our technicians have been providing quality leak detection and water damage restoration services in Central Florida for over a decade. We want you to be prepared for hidden water leaks. For this reason, we made a checklist to help you spot a hidden water leak.

Urgent Restoration’s Checklist to Help You Detect Hidden Water Leaks

  1. Your water bill has changed without explanation.
  2. Your water pressure seems unusually low.
  3. You notice blistering or bubbling on walls or wallpaper.
  4. Your laminate or vinyl floors start peeling or loosening.
  5. You notice discoloration on your ceiling.
  6. There is a soft spot on your ceiling.
  7. Water is puddling in on your floor or outside your home.
  8. Water is appearing bubbling on your street in front of your home.
  9. The toilet is gurgling instead of flushing.
  10. You see water puddles around your bathtub or toilet.
  11. The base of your cabinets near the dishwasher, sink, bathtub, or washing machine are warped.
  12. There is a sour smell in your home (like sewage, or dampness)
  13. You discover a crack in your foundation or uneven flooring.
  14. You have a problem with reoccurring mold or mildew.

If you have any of the problems listed above, you are likely dealing with a hidden water leak. It is best to contact the professionals at Urgent Restoration as soon as you notice an issue. We use our expertise paired with the latest, state of the art tools and technologies to precisely locate your hidden water leak.

Detecting a Hidden Leak

Trying to detect a hidden water leak yourself can be tricky. It is not always as obvious as a constantly dripping faucet. For example, a cracked pipe behind your wall or under your floor can wreak havoc on your home, especially when it’s been dripping for months. Unlike other companies that rip your home apart to find a hidden water leak, we use the least invasive methods to get the job done. Trust Urgent Restoration find your troublesome leak swiftly.

Central Florida Water Leak Specialists

Urgent Restoration offers 24/7 services and serves customers throughout Polk County and Central Hillsborough County, Florida. An overlooked or underestimated water leak can cost you thousands of dollars. Don’t hesitate to act if you think you have a problem. Contact Urgent Restoration today at (863) 583-5800 or send us a message here.