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Mold Removal in Lakeland, FL

Mold Remediation in Lakeland

Urgent Restoration offers full service mold remediation and mold removal in Lakeland. We’re on standby 24/7, ready to take your call when you need our emergency services.


Urgent Restoration Mold Removal Services in Lakeland

Removing mold can be a difficult and dangerous process, so it’s best to call the professionals when it comes to mold. It should be done by trained experts that understand proper mold removal.

Your home or business can quickly become covered with mold via a hole in the roof or another leak source. Once the mold starts growing, it can spread through your home in as little as 48-72 hours.

Our skilled and licensed team of emergency mold damage restoration and cleanup services in & near Lakeland, FL sets us apart from the rest. 

We know how crucial it is to start mold remediation as soon as possible so that you can restore your life back to normal.

How Do You Do Mold Removal in Lakeland

Our expert technicians in Lakeland are trained in mold damage restoration and can remediate the problem for you safely and quickly. Some mold problems are not as extensive as others and can be handled at home. So, when is it time to call the professionals?

Call a Urgent Restoration in
Lakeland When…

There are also safety concerns when it comes to mold. Mold is a hazard in your home and can cause an abundance of health issues if exposure is prolonged or the proximity is too close. Here are some tips if you have mold and are waiting for remediation services.

When it comes to mold,


Here is what you can expect when you call Urgent Restoration for your mold removal services.

Initial Contact

As soon as you call, our team determines the necessary equipment, resources, and personnel needed to get your mold cleanup and restoration started right away.

Inspection and Assessment

Urgent Restoration inspects your property for visible signs of mold. Although it is stealthy and often hides in dark places, we have the technology to detect mold and hidden water sources that aren’t in plain view.

Mold Containment

Advanced containment practices such as negative air chambers isolate mold contaminated areas with enclosures and negative air pressure. Airflow is a quick way to spread mold. Therefore we shut down all fans, heating and cooling systems while mold remediation is in process.

Air Filtration

Our air filtration systems capture microscopic mold spores in the air. Utilizing dynamic air cleaners and HEPA vacuums our technicians clean the air so you can breathe easy again!

Removing Mold and Moldy Belongings

The professionals at Urgent Restoration use procedures to eliminate fungus, bacteria and mold colonies. We also remove and dispose of all moldy materials, including drywall and carpeting.

Clean & Deodorize

Urgent Restoration cleans your furniture, decorative items, curtains, and other restorable items that are affected by mold. However, we don’t stop at cleaning and sanitizing your belongings. We also eliminate odors by deodorizing them too.

Mold Damage Restoration

Contaminated drywall, flooring, and other structures are removed during the mold remediation process. Once we fully remove all contaminated materials we will sand all exposed framing, encapsulate and seal to prevent any future growth.

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Sanitization Services & Disinfecting Services in Lakeland, FL

Having mold and mildew in your house can be a disaster

So we work through this process as quickly and efficiently as possible to get your home cleaned and liveable again. We donʼt want to cause you any additional stress.

For added peace of mind, Urgent Restoration assists in filing documentation directly with your insurance company. This is another way we help remove the stress of mold damage and remediation. We fully document the entire process to ensure your insurance claim is handled correctly and you have proper documentation.

Mold removal services need to happen ASAP after the damage has occurred.

The sooner you call Urgent Restoration Company, the sooner our technicians can come out and assess the damage. Our professional team uses the best equipment to try and eliminate the damage.

If you need mold removal services in and near Lakeland, call Urgent Restoration Company!

We have a staff of experienced technicians on hand, ready to act as soon as we get your call. We can help restore your home – and your life – back to normal.


Mold Remediation in Lakeland, FL