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Dealing with a constant lingering odor issue can cause your home or business to feel unwelcoming, uncomfortable, and just plain stressful to be in. Burning candles or using air fresheners and cleaning products may mask the smell temporarily, but it somehow always seems to return no matter what you do or how hard you work. No one wants to invite people to their smelly home or business! That is why our team at Urgent Restoration offers odor removal as one of our specialized services to make your home or business feel fresh and inviting.

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Why Is My Home Smelly?

Whether you have dealt with a situation that caused damage to your residential or commercial property in the past or not, there are a plethora of reasons your home may be experiencing a lingering odor. Some examples include:


Oftentimes things like water damage or fire damage, or even mold, can leave behind traces if the job was done improperly or in haste. Not only can this leave you with a lingering, unpleasant odor but it can also be causing structural damage below the surface that you may not see. That is why it is crucial to always seek professional help in these situations. Luckily Urgent Restoration can assess the situation and deal with the underlying damage that will result in smoke smell removal from house, for example. 


Urgent Restoration is highly trained and well rounded, so we are confident that we can eliminate the source of the smell, regardless of what the job entails. Not only will bringing in a team of experts assist you with doing away with the smell, but it can also save you time and money. When you are stuck with a smell that just won’t go away, you may spend a lot of time researching, searching your home for the source of the smell, or performing excessive cleaning tasks that may not be even helping the situation because it is hiding in areas we are unable to see. Eliminating the odors can make fresheners and candles a thing of the past, or something you can take advantage of because you enjoy them rather than as a response to a stinky situation. 

Our team at Urgent Restoration will use the technology and equipment at our disposal to eliminate odors from the source and make it so they don’t return. The gadgets at our disposal to handle jobs like this are invaluable when it comes to odor elimination, and can make the job very difficult for those who do not have access to such equipment.

When leaving an impression on guests in your home or customers and employees in your business, presenting them with a foul odor can cause stress and anxiety. Don’t spend another second worrying about the smell in your home or business. Contact our team at Urgent Restoration to receive the customer care you need and the high quality service you deserve.