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Sewage cleanup is a dirty job that no one ever wants to have to deal with. Luckily there is a highly trained team of professionals who can take this task off of your hands! Not only is it a filthy job, but it even presents risks for those who come into contact with it without the proper protective gear and equipment.

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How Is It Risky?

Exposure to sewage can cause risks to both your health and the health of your residential or commercial property. There are many situations in which your home may come into contact with raw sewage such as flooding, septic system failure, pipe or plumbing damage, and more. Each situation puts you at risk of coming into contact with harmful chemicals, pollutants, and bacteria if you take on the job of sewage backup cleanup on your own. Since sewage contains human waste, it can also put you at great risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens and life threatening illnesses. Unfortunately many people don’t have the proper protective gear to complete this job successfully or the proper knowledge to prevent future exposures through sanitization. That is why the team at Urgent Restoration will be there for you to clean up and remove any risks that come with this sort of damage.

Your home or business is also at risk of extensive damage if sewage cleanup is not handled quickly and properly. Every moment your home is exposed to sewage backup or standing water there is a potential for extensive water damage that can warp your floorboards, cause your drywall to swell, mold growth from moisture levels and bacteria, lingering odors, or can even crack your foundation. Not to mention any damage you may experience to the other personal belongings that come into contact with the affected area.

Why Choose Urgent Restoration?

Urgent Restoration is highly trained and experienced, so we can get the job done and make sure no trace is left behind. It is no surprise that sewage damage can cause unpleasant odors, but our attention to detail will leave your space feeling as fresh as it was before the incident occurred. We use the tools and equipment needed to measure moisture levels, protect our team, and leave you with a perfectly repaired and refreshed home or business.

When it comes to sewage backup cleanup, it may be a relief to know that you do not (and potentially should not) handle this situation alone. The trusted team at Urgent Restoration will get to work right away so you can get back to your normal routine and have access to all areas of your residential or commercial property without causing any mental stress or worrying about potential health risks. We offer 24/7 emergency services, so don’t waste another minute. Call us now!