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When it comes to storm damage, there is no telling what you will be left with. Precipitation, lightning, high winds, extreme temperatures, flooding- all of these things can affect your residential or commercial property in many different ways. That is why it is important to work with an experienced team of storm damage contractors in order to assess the damage and do the job from start to finish rather than seeking out multiple different contractors, wasting time and money, to take control of the situation. Urgent Restoration can be the answer to your problem and get your home or business back to normal quickly and  without sacrificing quality.

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It is important to secure your home and begin the repair and restoration process as quickly as possible after the storm has passed. Not just for your comfortability and safety, but by allowing the damage to linger within the property, you are actually allowing the damage to become more extensive and can possibly create bigger problems to fix, therefore creating a larger job overall. It is recommended that you start the restoration process within 24 hours in order to prevent things like mold, fires from electrical damage, foundational damage, and invasions from rodents, insects, and other pests that may be able to access your home more easily in its damaged state. 

Storm Damage Restoration in Bartow, FL


When it comes to storm damage, there are a lot of factors that can dictate what the final result will be- such as preparation and preventative measures taken, severity of the storm, length of time your property was exposed to storm damage, and local infrastructure. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to know of a storm in advance and can evacuate, board up our homes, remove potential projectiles, and take other precautionary measures. Oftentimes, though, these things can come without warning, causing complete and total destruction and chaos within our homes or businesses, and ultimately our lives. Our  storm damage expert at Urgent Restoration is fully aware of this and will assess your unique case in order to provide you with exactly what your property needs for storm damage restoration.

Our team of storm damage repair contractors have the experience and knowledge to provide the highest level of quality on the job and personalized customer care and support during this stressful time in your life. We will be sure to secure the area in order to keep unwanted debris and pests from coming in and to put a halt on further damage from exposure to the elements. We will also make sure the area is safe for those who are working within your home. We use the proper tools and equipment to ensure the job can be done as quickly as possible, while minimizing the amount of loss you may face to the best of our abilities. 

Don’t just trust anyone with the important task of repairing your home after a storm. Urgent Restoration  is available for emergency services 24/7 so contact us today to begin your restoration journey right away.