24/7 Emergency Restoration Service

The Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fire Damage Restoration by Urgent Restoration

Here at Urgent Restoration, with locations in Lakeland, FL, and Conyers, GA, and serving their surrounding areas, we hope that you never have to experience fire damage to your home or business. This event can be traumatizing, expensive, and cause a stall in your everyday life. It’s common knowledge that when you have a fire on your property that you should call 911, but what happens after?

The process of restoring your property after a fire can be complicated and may include water restoration processes as well after putting the fire out. Urgent Restoration does have water restoration specialists on our team should this be the case. 


First Steps

Urgent Restoration is a 24/7 emergency service, so as soon as you are safe and the fire on your property has been put out, you can contact our team of professionals to get to work getting your property back to normal. Once we arrive, we will work with you to make a plan to restore your property as efficiently as possible. After we have created a plan, we will work as fast as we can and record all the steps we take to restore your home or business.

Additionally, we need to make sure the property is safe for you and our experts. We will make sure we prevent any further problems by potentially taking precautions such as installing fencing, boarding up affected areas, adding bracing to majorly damaged areas, and more.


Water Removal

After a fire, your home or business has likely experienced an influx of water. The water may have come from firefighters or sprinklers in the ceiling. After the property has incurred this much water damage, we need to remove this water to prevent damage from the water itself, including the growth of potentially dangerous molds. If there is a presence of mold, Urgent Restoration also offers professional mold damage remediation services.


Remains Removal

After all the water has been removed, Urgent Restoration can begin removing the leftover debris from the fire. During this process, we may also need to remove parts of the property that has been permanently and irreversibly damaged. We may need to remove some construction materials, furniture, and other items that pose a safety risk and cannot be repaired.


Smoke and Soot

Your home or business may have areas that were not touched directly by the fire but may have been affected by the resulting soot or smoke. We will investigate what areas need to be repaired and treated. This process usually looks like repainting walls and scrubbing surfaces to make sure there is no residual soot


Final Steps

Finally, we will determine what repairs and renovations need to be completed to make sure your home or business is completely safe to reinhabit. Urgent Restoration is ready to help you with your fire damage restoration process to get your home or business back to how you remember it. We serve many areas in Georgia and Florida, so contact us as soon as you safely can if you experience a fire on your property. We are available 24/7 and will be there to help you through this difficult process!