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Understanding the Water Restoration Process

Water Damage Restoration in COnyers, AG

At Urgent Restoration we know that incurring water damage to your home or business can be a potentially life changing occurrence. If you ever have to go through the process of water damage restoration in Conyers, GA after a devastating event, contact our 24/7 emergency team so we can walk you through the process of recovering your property. Here, we will briefly overview the steps that are involved in restoration after a property’s exposure to large amounts of water.

Water Removal

The first step in the water restoration process is making sure any remaining water on the property has been properly removed. If you have the ability to do so safely, remove as much water as you can while professionals prepare to arrive, this will help us work quicker once we get to your property. If you have buckets or mops to remove as much standing water as possible you can help expedite the process. Once we have arrived with our team and professional equipment, including fans and dehumidifiers, we will take standard steps to help air out the home like opening windows allowing more air flow to help the water evaporate and place towels on top of excess liquid, so the towels absorb the majority of the liquid instead of the property. Once the majority of standing water is removed, we can move on to phase 2 of the water restoration process.

Remove Damaged Belongings

Once standing water has been safely removed from the property, it’s best to remove any items from the home or business that are water damaged. Keep in mind, if there are items you are not comfortable removing on your own, wait until professionals like those at Urgent Restoration arrive to help advise you. Items you need to dispose of can range from personal items to more structural pieces of the home like drywall that may be harmful to the health of the space’s inhabitants. Insulin or drywall that has been exposed to water for more than 2 days can become a severe health hazard. Our experts will know how to properly dispose of these items and will advise you accordingly. Once water damaged items are removed, we can move on to the final step of water restoration.


Once the water and damaged items have been removed, it’s time to make sure there are no lingering effects from the water damage. Several steps, customized by the experts on site, will be taken to ensure as much moisture is removed from vulnerable parts of the property as possible. This process may include the extended use of humidifiers, the use of strong disinfectants to prevent the growth of germs and molds, as well as ozone generators, a device that produces the ozone gas that is used to purify water.

Contact Urgent Restoration

As soon as you are safe and notice your home or business has experienced water damage, it’s time to contact a professional like Urgent Restoration in Conyers, GA, or any of its surrounding areas. There is no reason for you to handle this on your own, ask for the help of professionals who have dealt with this before and know exactly how to restore your property to its best possible state.