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Water Damage Restoration and Coronavirus

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Even in the best of times, water damage in a home or business is disruptive, stressful, and potentially dangerous. Since Coronavirus started to become prevalent, water damage restoration has, like many other things, had to adapt. So you may be left wondering, “What is the impact of COVID-19 on the water damage restoration industry?”

In short, since water damage restoration is most frequently done inside a home or commercial building, new processes and precautions have been developed to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

What Is Water Damage?

Water damage can be caused by anything from burst or leaking pipes to leaking appliances to sewer issues to a natural disaster. In Florida’s sometimes volatile weather conditions, damage to roofs from storms or hurricanes can lead to leaks that go unnoticed until long after the roof is repaired.

Any time that water damage is seen or even suspected, you should call a water damage restoration service to do an inspection and determine the extent of damage to your home or business.

Water damage restoration services may be needed if the water has caused damage to walls, ceilings, floors or personal property. Water damage restoration cleaning services might be in order if the damage is less structural in nature but more about cleanup. Mold remediation might be necessary if the water infiltration has caused mold to develop.

To understand how Covid-19 has impacted water damage restoration, it is necessary to understand how water damage mitigation services worked before the pandemic.

  1. Once the source of the unwanted water is identified, it must be stopped before restoration services can begin. If the water damage issue is a result of plumbing leaks within the property, the first step is to turn off the water supply. A water damage restoration professional should be able to provide guidance on how to do that if you are unsure. Quick action to stop the water at its source can be the difference between losing valuables or not.
  2. Removing the water is obviously the next most important task, and one that should be started as early as possible. The longer water sits, the more damage it can cause. However, be aware that standing water can be contaminated and therefore hazardous to your health.
  3. A water damage inspection should be done by a licensed water damage restoration specialist. The inspection will identify the water damage restoration services that are needed. For example, if the water damage has caused a mold problem, mold removal services may be necessary in addition to water damage cleanup.
  4. The affected area(s) need to be dried out as quickly as possible to remove any remaining moisture that can cause further damage.
  5. Commercial dehumidifiers, air movers, and air scrubbers may be used to assist in getting the area dried as quickly as possible.
  6. Cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing is done to not only repair visual damage but also to remove and prevent future damage and the growth of mold.
  7. A certified water damage technician may use special equipment to take readings to determine when the affected areas are dry.

Water Damage Covid-19 Update

Reputable water damage restoration companies have always had processes and procedures in place to protect the safety of the homeowner or business owner, the families or employees, and the water damage restoration specialists.

Depending on the extent of the water damage, these practices might include:

  • Those working in the water damage restoration area wear masks or other personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Individuals not involved in the water damage repair may be asked to not be present on site when work is being completed.
  • Commercial air handling equipment may be used to help dry out the affected area(s).

These already-in-place practices have proven beneficial during the challenging times of Covid-19. In addition, for the health and safety of all involved, water damage inspectors may develop new policies, like reducing contact with water damage restoration clients and social distancing for employees working on the projects. Of course, best practices would require that any employee of a water damage restoration company who receives a positive Covid-19 diagnosis or exhibits symptoms should quarantine until they meet the appropriate coronavirus guidelines.

What Should I Do if I Have Water Damage?

It is understandable for homeowners and commercial property owners to have concerns about Covid-19, since repairing water damage means having water restoration technicians in their home or business. However, it is vital to understand that water damage can be serious and oftentimes can worsen if left unremediated.

With water damage issues that seem less major, it can be tempting to attempt repairs yourself. But, you should consider these things before attempting to do so:

  • Most homeowners and business owners do not have the proper equipment or training to not only resolve visual water damage, but also to know what might be lurking beneath the surface – or behind the walls.
  • Water damage can cause structural damage or mold problems, both of which can be dangerous – and both of which are difficult for an untrained person to discover.
  • Insurance companies may cover water damage restoration, but only if it is completed by trained professionals, and if they can see exactly what and where the problem has occurred.
  • Water damage restoration can be difficult and time-consuming even for trained professionals. A do-it-yourself water remediation project can quickly turn into a time and financial disaster.

Water Damage Restoration and Emergency Leak Detection

At Urgent Restoration, we are here to help with any emergency water damage restoration services in and around Lakeland and Central Florida; including: leaking appliances, leaking or broken pipes, slab leaks, wastewater problems, and storm and flood water damage.

Whether you have a busted pipe or flood water intrusion, you can trust our certified and experienced associates to restore your home/business back to normal.

All of our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IIRC), and certifications are renewed annually. This non-profit organization sets standards for the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industries.

For water damage issues that can be covered by insurance, Urgent Restoration will walk you through the steps of filing a claim and collecting the important insurance information, and we will work directly with your insurance company to ensure that all documentation is properly submitted.

Call Urgent Restoration at any time, 24/7.