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Water Damage That Can Affect Your Home or Business

Water Damage Restoration in Conyers, GA

The experts at Urgent Restoration have worked with homes and businesses in these and surrounding areas that have suffered from water damage of various kinds over the years, including Lakeland, FL, and Conyers, GA. After experiencing water damage, our team is available 24/7 to help you restore your property. Despite the fact that water damage must always be handled as an emergency, your property may be exposed to a variety of different kinds of water.


Clean Water

It is important to note that clean water, sometimes also referred to as Category 1, can still lead to serious water damage if it is not treated immediately by professionals like those at Urgent Restoration. These floods, however, can still result in serious water damage. These types of floods may be caused by appliances in your home that produce fresh water, toilet holding tanks, or rainwater. Even though these waters do not pose any immediate health risks to you, if they are not handled properly in the next 48 hours, they may turn into category 2 water that poses a health risk. As well as the potential health risks, any prolonged exposure to water can cause your property to deteriorate and develop potentially dangerous mold.


Gray Water

Gray water can be defined as wastewater with contaminants that may pose a health risk. Gray water is also referred to as Category 2 water and is often called sullage, which is water that is contaminated with feces, but not feces. There are many ways to be exposed to this water, including bathtubs and showers, sinks, dishwashers, washing machines, and more. There are a number of contaminants in this water that can cause illness if ingested by humans, so as with all water damage, a company like Urgent Restoration should be contacted as soon as possible to fully clean the water and prevent further damage to your home.

Often, the occurrence of gray water flooding occurs after a natural event, as a result of a broken pipe or plumbing malfunction, which causes water to reach your floors, walls, and other materials such as carpet. It is important to act as soon as possible to minimize the damage to your home or business. Immediate treatment is the key to minimizing the damage. As Category 2 water can become Category 3 water within 48 hours of flooding, it is advisable to use the expertise of professionals like Urgent Restoration to handle your situation as soon as possible.


Black Water

When there is a flood, one of the most dangerous contaminants that you are likely to encounter is black water, or Category 3 water. This water is typically contaminated with human waste as well as other toxins and is very dangerous. There are many reasons why this water may enter a property, including broken sewage pipes, overflowing toilets, flooding, seawater, rivers, lakes, and even storms that can cause it to enter the property. To assure that bacteria don’t spread across the affected areas, a professional must handle these waters as they contain dangerous bacteria that can pose an immediate health risk.


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