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Who Is The Best At Water Damage Cleanup?

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When your home or business experiences water damage, you need to act fast. It doesn’t matter if the cause is flooding or a leaking or burst pipe, failing to have the damage treated promptly can destroy your property or belongings. Water damage can also lead to the growth of mold and mildew that can become health hazards. We hope that you never have to deal with this situation, but if you do, it’s best to leave the cleanup to a professional company like the Polk County and Lakeland restoration experts at Urgent Restoration. Even when hiring a business to clean up your water damage, you need to be sure you can trust them to do a complete job. Here are a few factors to consider to make sure you find the best company to meet your water damage cleanup needs.

Urgent Restoration Can Handle All Types of Water Damage Cleanup

There are three major causes of water damage in Central Florida:

Broken pipes or malfunctioning plumbing fixtures or appliances: Most of these issues stem from a plumbing problem, but water damage also can result from a leaking washing machine or dishwasher, a problem with your sump pump. You also may encounter a failure of your water heater, which can release hundreds of gallons of water into your home, basement, or crawlspace.

Sewage damage: There’s an additional health risk with this type of water damage, due to the bacteria in any sewage that infiltrates into your home, business or yard. The backup of a toilet, sewer or drain line all can create problems of this type.

Severe weather: The threat of hurricanes in Central Florida is undeniable. Although, strong thunderstorms can also emerge at any time due to the high heat and humidity. Flooding can occur under these conditions due to heavy rains overflowing a nearby lake, pond or storm drain.

Our team of professionals at Urgent Restoration has a wealth of experience dealing with all varieties of water damage.

Cleaning & Deodorizing Is an Important Part of Water Damage Cleanup

If you encounter water damage, just removing the water is part of the problem-solving process. Any area affected by water damage needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Then possessions are evaluated to see if they are able to be salvaged or not. Even when all the visible water is removed, you probably have had moisture seep into porous surfaces. This includes your flooring, carpet, walls, and even your ceiling depending on the location of the water. When improperly treated, microorganisms that cause mold, mildew, and foul, unpleasant odors will multiply and become a reoccurring problem. At Urgent Restoration, every water damage restoration job includes a thorough cleaning and deodorizing, in accordance with IICRC standards.

Urgent Restoration is IICRC Accredited

When researching any company that offers water removal services, make sure to look for one that is licensed, and insured. The true experts in water damage restoration are certified with the IICRC—the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This non-profit organization sets standards for inspection, cleaning, and restoration industries. Each of our professional technicians is IICRC Certified That means you can trust that the job will be done completely, removing the water, remediating any damage, and completing the process of cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing to leave your home or business looking like new by the time the job is done.

Water damage cleanup in Central Florida

Water damage can occur at any time, day or night. Urgent Restoration is here to help if this unfortunate event happens to you. We offer 24/7 emergency services. We are proud to serve customers in Polk and Hillsborough County and throughout Central Florida. To learn more, contact us at (863) 583-5800